Frequently Asked Questions

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Q – What does North Coast Safety do?
The mission of North Coast Safety is to provide safety for our church community by rendering initial medical care and security. We deliver this level of safety with discretion and respect in order to support the ministry within North Coast Church.

Q – What does STAR mean?
Surveillance Technology and Reconnaissance (STAR). These are our Camera Teams that serve alongside our Response Teams

Q – What does it look like to volunteer with North Coast Safety?
We have 2 teams that comprise NCS. These would be our Response and STAR Teams.

  • The Response Team is responsible for all security and medical responses. When not responding to specific needs, our Response Team will be greeting people, escorting visitors through the campus, and helping out where needed.
  • The STAR Team is our Camera Team and is responsible for over watch of our entire campus.  The STAR Team works with and supports our Response Team.

Q – If I do not have any security or medical background, would I still be able to join NCS?
Absolutely! 95% of everything we do on the Safety Team centers around our ability to communicate well with people one on one. Because of this, we are looking for those of you who have great people skills… with difficult people. When we encounter situations that require specific skills, whether medical or security in nature, we have those with a law enforcement background and those with professional medical skills, to carry the load. This is the beauty of working within a team; no one person needs to have all the skills or answers.

Q – I have a fluctuating schedule and can’t serve consistently. Would you be able to work around my schedule?
Yes! We will work with you regardless of your changing availability.

Q – What campus would I be serving on if I join North Coast Safety?
We make it a priority to keep you serving at your home campus, if you so desire.

Q – Where do I go to find out more about North Coast Safety?
Contact us! You can email us at [email protected], or give us a call! We also have two Safety Presentations a month at the Vista campus, which is a great time to come, hear about the ministry, and ask whatever questions you may have.

Q – What is the time commitment when serving with North Coast Safety?
Most of our volunteers work no more than 2 service shifts per 4-week cycle. Usually 2 weeks on, then two weeks off. However, this does not work for many of our first responders who have specialized shifts. NO WORRIES! Our admin staff are great at working around your crazy work schedule. Our volunteer shifts range from 2 hours to 4 hours, depending on when and where you are serving.

Q – I have a question but do not see it posted here, how do I ask my question?
Contact us via email or phone.